Why e-Newsletters Increase Leads and Sales for Your Company

A company e-newsletter is a great way to communicate with prospective and current customers. Newsletters supply relevant information about the market or niche the company serves. With so many e-newsletter, ezines and blogs on the Internet, it is important to offer something of real value to the reader. As a content marketing strategy, a newsletter full of useful information is one way to increase leads and sales.

The Benefits of a Newsletter

Newsletters allow readers to get to know a company. The newsletter offers more depth than press releases or tweets. The articles in a newsletter discuss successes, new products or services, and the company’s vision for the future. A well-written newsletter encourages prospective customers to make that first sale, and encourages current customers to do repeat business. Whether distributed daily, weekly or monthly, a company newsletter is also a reminder. It reminds the reader that the company wants his business. It also reminds the reader that the company is in a niche or market he is interested in. The best newsletters offer valuable information to the reader so he comes to trust the company, its products and its services. Another benefit of an e-newsletter is that the reader can easily forward the online publication to others. This increases word-of-mouth advertising.

How to Publish an e-Newsletter

The good thing about electronic newsletters is that they are as easy to send as an email. They are also a lot cheaper than printed newsletters. Newsletters don’t have to be complicated. There are one-page e-newsletters that are effective. You also don’t need a graphic designer. There are many free newsletter templates available online. All you really need is the company logo or name at the top and a good newsletter delivery system. You can add photos or graphic if you want, but the information is the most important part of any newsletter.

Getting the Content

Many companies decide to hire writers. Freelance writers are an excellent choice for getting the content you need for the newsletter. Experienced writers not only research and write the article, but most can also create relevant story areas for the newsletter. Some freelance marketplaces give writers the opportunity to pitch ideas to clients. All you have to do is read the short pitches, and, if you like the pitch, you get the article in less than a week.

Publishing a company e-newsletter is a good content strategy for growing any company. By choosing a free template and hiring content writers, you can send your first newsletter out to readers in under seven days.