What Are the Best Online Writing Tools?

Depending on the assignment, creating content can be a lengthy task for a freelance writer. So how do you effectively create high-quality content in a timely manner? Luckily, there are a number of excellent tools available to increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality. These resources include:

· Blogging products

· Note-taking

· Plagiarism-checker

· Distraction software

· Idea generator

Blogging Products

With the explosion of freelance blogging over the past decade, thousands of products have emerged, the best of which is WordPress. It helps online content writers create websites and pages that allow them to easily upload their content. There are also a number of plug-ins and templates that assist with the theme of the website, allow for monetization and so many other features that improve the functionality of the blog.


Note-taking software programs such as SpringNote, Evernote and Google Notebook greatly assist during the research phase. These programs are also helpful for jotting down random ideas for freelance writing jobs. Most even have smartphone apps to input ideas on the go. The information can then be accessed from the desktop application.

Distraction Software

For content writers that become easily distracted while typing, programs such as Dark Room and WriteRoom consume your screen in plain text. Dark Room is the Windows version of the software and WriteRoom is for Mac. The goal is to completely eliminate distractions and allow you to focus. All functions are accessed through keyboard shortcuts. The program resembles an MS-DOS environment.

Idea Generator

Freemind helps you generate ideas on topics while documenting your thought process. This is an excellent method of eliminating writer’s block and jumping into new freelance writing assignments. The best function of Freemind is that it maps all changes, ideas and priorities to help you get a firm grasp on where you should be headed.

The aforementioned tools are excellent methods to efficiently publish, take notes, remain focused and generate new ideas – all of which are critical aspects of online writing that must constantly be addressed.

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