Want New Business? Start by Giving Away Your Expertise for Free

It sounds counter-intuitive, I know. After all, aren’t you in business to make money? Of course you are. But, the secret to your success could be to start giving visitors to your site valuable information before they ever become customers. Why should you give it away? Here are a few reasons we’ve found it’s worth it:

You establish yourself as an authority. When you employ content writers to relay useful tips and knowledge, you get a chance to show off your expertise. Customers are more likely to trust you with their business if they feel secure that you know what you are doing.

You create a reason to return to your site. Only three percent of buyers complete a purchase the first time they visit a site. Forty-one percent of those say it’s because they are not ready to buy on the first visit. When people know that your site has content like articles or an informative blog that can help them, they typically return for more, which increases your chance of getting them as a customer.

You establish good will. People like the people who help them out. If you provide someone with the solution to one of their problems, you create a positive association in their minds. Since we are more likely to do business with people and companies we like, that good will can produce valuable dividends.

People spend more when they’ve been given something for free. In restaurants, servers who leave treats like mints with the bill get tips that are 25% higher. On 7/11’s most recent annual free Slurpee day, the stores saw an increase in sales of 38%. Experts say that free giveaways create a sense of obligation to make a purchase and to spend more.

There are a few methods to getting free tips, advice and knowledge to your customers. Some people get great results by establishing a free weekly newsletter. Newsletter recipients double as a valuable, qualified prospect list. Regularly blogging about your industry is another way to keep visitors coming back for. Experts recommend that you post at least once a week. If writing is not one of your skills, you can hire content writers to provide the text. You can also create a free eBook to give away on your site. If you are in a service business, offering a free 15 minute consultation to help visitors determine how your business can be of value to them. No matter how you choose to deliver, these free perks can help you build your business by bringing you paying, happy customers.

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