The Sweet Tweets of Successful Small Businesses

As more small businesses take to social medial, a few savvy owners are developing Twitter feeds that offer benefits to other entrepreneurs, start-ups and small companies. Some business owners writer their own tweets while others hire writers. The best feeds not only market the company’s products or services, but also provide relevant news, tools and resources for managing any small business. There is a lot of useful information for business owners in the following five Twitter feeds.

@smallbusiness – Rex Hammock is the founder and head of, a media marketing company. Hammock tweets on a variety of topics related to small businesses. By following Hammock, you are certain to gain some valuable advice to help you run your small business.

@marylynn3 – Mary-Lynn Foster is a radio host, and the owner of three small businesses. She is also a consultant to small businesses. Foster tweets about many aspects of starting and managing a small business. She writes about combining the professional with the personal to have a balanced life.

@thesmalliznest – John Joyce is founder of The Small BizNest. As an experienced sales and marketing professional, he saw a need for small business owners and he filled it by starting his company and Twitter feed. He focuses on sharing his knowledge about how small businesses can market their products and services online.

@chrisbrogan – Chris Brogan is the head of Human Business Works, a media and education company. Brogan is a best-selling author and speaker, and he mainly discusses how business, technology and the media are all interrelated. His Twitter feeds deal with a wide range of issues relevant to the small business community.

@smallbiztrends – Anita Campbell is the CEO of Small Business Trends, a consulting firm. Campbell’s tweets are concise, but informative. Every tweet is geared towards some aspect of the small business industry. This feed appears on many lists of the top small business Twitter feeds.

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