The Benefits of Outsourced Virtual Services – How Small Businesses Can Save Money

Many small business owners realize that using outsourced virtual services is a way to streamline the company. While many people know about virtual assistants who do administrative tasks from home, virtual workers provide other services as well. While freelance writing is often outsourced, accounting, IT support, marketing consulting and customer service are also becoming more virtual. As a way to save money, consider outsourcing some jobs.

Benefits of Virtual Service Providers

A physical office full of employees can cost a lot of money for a small business. While some small business owners may be able to run their company from a home office, others need a small office space and a staff. However, there are still other ways to cut down on expenses. You probably have jobs that don’t require a full-time or even a part-time employee. While you want to hire a professional, the job is short-term. This is the time to outsource the work to a virtual service provider. As the business grows, you may need to hire a full- or part-time employee, but right now, outsourcing gets the job done.

The main benefit for using virtual professionals is the cost savings. One study showed that outsourcing certain jobs costs the company 50 percent less than hiring a full-time employee to do the job. This shouldn’t be surprising. Not only do you have to pay the employee a salary, there is health and dental insurance, vacation and sick days, unemployment insurance, and a pension plan. All of this really adds up.

By hiring a virtual service provider, you only pay for the work that the contractor does whether that is copy writing, graphic design or IT support. As a small business, you need a variety of services to run the company successfully, and hiring freelancers, consultants or other professionals on an as-needed basis is the best use of limited funds.

Another advantage of using virtual professionals is that you can hire the best service providers regardless of location. While some people prefer to hire those in the same city, others are more flexible. Thanks to the Internet, Skype, email, faxing, phone calls, video conferencing and similar form of communication, you can hire the virtual provider that offers the most experience and the best prices.

Outsourcing has a negative connotation because so many people view it as a way to ship jobs overseas. However, outsourcing is more than that. It allows service providers to work from home for a variety of companies. It allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to hire experts for the services they need at affordable prices. Hiring virtual service providers is an alternative way for you to hire freelancers that help you to run your company.