The Challenges of Marketing Yourself as a Freelancer to Companies

Marketing yourself as a freelancer takes up time in your day that could be better spent completing work for clients. Find out how to market yourself with ease here.

A huge part of freelancing is effectively marketing yourself. Unfortunately, many freelancers either neglect self-promotion or feel that it’s not important enough to spend time on. Part of the problem is the hassle of finding reliable clients to work with. The freelancing landscape can be a bit like the Wild West, with many clients offering rock-bottom payment, skipping out on payments entirely or simply disappearing after a project or two.

Our hope is that using Scripted helps alleviate many of the pain points of self-marketing, and helps you connect with quality clients.

Scripted Helps You Promote Yourself

Our platform helps bring the clients to you, and ensures you’re paid for the work you do. This helps takes a huge amount of uncertainty out of the life of a freelancer.

Historically, however, it may have been hard to make your name stand out in a sea of qualified writers. That’s why we built a number of features specifically for writers in our new site redesign, which are intended to help clients understand what you offer as a writer.

With the new writer profile feature, you can upload a personal photo and quickly add your best writing samples. All of your major industry specializations are on display as well. This helps clients put a face to you as a writer and see which areas of writing you at excel at.

This profile feature greatly increases your chances of being selected by clients, and it’s a relatively simple way for you to start marketing yourself or build on your previous marketing efforts.

An Easy Way to Market: Update Your Writer Profile

Your writer profile is especially important these days. It’s the first impresson a Scripted client has of your capabilities. Since clients can now directly assign blogs to you on the Scripted platform, it helps to keep this information up to date. Of course, writers have the right of refusal, but it’s clear that clients are now actively searching for writers who fit their needs and expertise requirements.

A fully developed profile is not only key to success on Scripted, but it will help you embrace the mindset of self-promotion. While you can think about building your own online portfolio and using platforms like LinkedIn to find clients down the road, it’s clear that Scripted makes self-promotion much easier and faster than these traditional methods.

Ultimately, you have a vested interest in building your personal brand in order to keep your freelancing career thriving, and ensure you have plenty of quality clients well into the future. Now, it’s time to take a few minutes to ensure your Scripted profile is looking its best.

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