Marketing Strategy 101: Business Social Media Pages

Quite a number of companies still do not have a company page on major social networking sites. There is no business out there that does not need an increase in the number of visitors to its website. A company page on a social media website can help achieve this for less than a business would normally spend on an advertising and marketing campaign. Businesses will be able to see a profitable return for little or no marketing investment.

Why Create a Social Media Page for Your Business?

Business pages on social networking sites allow brands to show another side of the company. We have entered an age in which customers prefer a personalized approach. A business page allows to see the “human” face behind your company and encourages visitor interaction. The main ingredient for a successful business pages is the level of interaction between the company and its visitors. It can also be used to strategically show what the company has to offer.

Businesses can post photographs, blogs, news, press releases and product updates. It is also a valuable tool for posting company videos. Hire bloggers to encourage discussion about business services. Some businesses use social media pages to run contests or give away coupons and freebies. For example, a popular travel website ran a contest to rename its travel packages using its page on social networking sites.

Tips for an Effective Social Media Page:

  1. Website Link – For a company page on a social networking site to be effective, it will need a direct like back to your company’s website. If people like your social media page, they will click the link to discover more information about your company. Having more traffic to your products and services is one of the main reasons for using social media.
  2. Optimization – A second tip for creating an effective page is optimizing it for search engine traffic. Hire content writers to add keywords throughout your page to help search engines quickly find it.
  3. Testimonials and Reviews – Customers and visitors should be able to post testimonials, reviews and feedback to your social media page. This not only encourages online discussions, but also helps businesses view the needs and wants of their customers.

Even if business owners think social networking sites are just a fad, these sites continue today with millions people using them to keep in touch with others around the world. With millions using them, the content marketing possibilities for social media business pages are endless.