Jimdo – Website Creation Made Easy

Nowadays, having a website is more popular than ever. Websites owners include entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and everyday people looking to share their experiences with family and friends. Jimdo, a website creator, simplifies the process of building your own space on the Internet. No experience is necessary to create an engaging and professional website.

Jimdo derives its name from the phrase “Jim can do it!” This motto reflects the company’s mission: to streamline the creative process of website engineering. In virtually no time at all, you can start up a site with your own blog, photo gallery, and even an online shop for your products. Texts, pictures, and videos can all be easily displayed. Jimdo also makes it easy to integrate other popular sites like YouTube and Flickr. You can also add Facebook “share” and “like” buttons. This will give you a jumpstart marketing your site to current and new followers. Other features include a guestbook and password protection for areas of the site you want to keep private.

Jimdo is free to use, with two upgrade options. JimdoPro and Jimdo Business provide users with additional storage space, a newsletter system, your own domain name, and ad-free pages. These are ideal for freelancers and businesses alike. In addition, Jimdo sites are automatically “tweaked” for search engine optimization. This means your site is likely to show up regularly in searches like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The figures speak for themselves. As of June 2012, there are over 6,000,000 Jimdo sites on the Internet. People are drawn to Jimdo because it is user friendly, but not at the expense of style. There are many designs to choose from, with over 120 different layouts. Furthermore, you can tweak and customize your layout to your heart’s desire—no coding experience is necessary.

All this and more makes Jimdo the optimal website creator for the masses. It is easy to use, and the result is a modern and polished personalized website. Jimdo helps you forge your own space on the Internet with no hassles and a lot of fun.