Getting Your Feet Wet in Freelance Writing: Simple Steps to Get Content Published

Getting into a freelance writing career is not as hard as one would think. There are however a few small steps to take that will make the journey easier and more successful.

Remember, in most professions workers start at the bottom and work their way up. In this sense, freelance writing and blogging is no different. Before getting your work published, many rejections may come. Do not let this get you down as even the more skilled and seasoned freelance writers and bloggers get rejections!

Read, Read and Read Some More

While it may seem that staying inside your own head is the best idea, it is more important to read other writer’s work. This is important because it gives a good feel for tone, grammar and what to avoid. If you are writing a blog, visit other blogs and leave comments. This will not only bring readers to your writing on a blog, but will help you see the various writing styles.

Become a Proofreading Expert

The one thing that is easy for professionals to spot is a lack of proofreading. While this may seem a simple part of the writing process it is the most important thing you do. Spelling mistakes and simple grammar errors say to editors and copywriters that you do not care. Of course you care, so that is why proofreading, double and triple proofreading is so important.

Start Small

There are several places online that welcome new writers that have little or no experience. While the pay may be small or non existent, it is a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak, in the world of publishing content.

Understand Your Ownership & Rights

Before submitting your content to a blog or writing platform, be sure to read the fine print. Many times, hitting the publish button means you are giving away rights to your writing. This may mean that the website or blog now owns the content and you may not re-use or reproduce it elsewhere. Other times a website will allow the option to chose what kind of rights a writer wishes to keep. Just be aware of what type of content you are publishing and what is offered for earnings.

A freelance writing career is a great way to work from home while making a financial income. Starting out may be discouraging, but remember these tips and the paying freelance writing jobs will began to flow!

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