Blog Writing: Planning for the New Year

As the holidays come and go and the year comes to a close it’s time to take a moment and reflect back on all the positive strides we’ve made.

Ah, reflection…

Alright, now let’s snap back to reality. What are we going to do next? What’s the plan for next year? How about what you’re doing the first quarter of the new year? Or maybe even just for January?

Are you clueless and in a panic? Don’t be, you still have time.

Even with only a short time left if you follow what you’ve done in the past and follow this simple plan you’ll be brainstorming and mind mapping your way into summer in no time.

The idea is to plan a frame that as the year goes on you can build on. To do this you need to simply look at the major social themes for each month. I’ll include some ideas for you to build off of below. But make sure to customize each month with your own genre/theme specific flair and events to make it work for your hungry readers.

Some examples for your monthly campaigns could include:

January – New Year, New Year’s resolutions, Martin Luther King Day, Winter themed events, CES.
February – Valentine’s Day, Love, Presidents Day, Super Bowl, and the short month.
March – Saint Patrick’s Day, green everything, Daylight’s saving time, NCAA March Madness.
April – Easter, Passover, spring, Earth Day, showers, NBA playoffs.
May – Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, flowers.
June – Flag Day, Father’s Day, summer begins.
July – Independence Day, Summer activities, vacations, Comic-Con.
August – Hot August nights, end of summer, prepping for back-to-school and school shopping.
September – Labor Day, back-to-school scheduling
October – Halloween, fall, fall festivals.
November – Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, elections.
December – Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, winter events and activities.

By planning out twelve months ahead of the holidays, seasonal activity, and annual events you’ll not only give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you have something planned but also give yourself tons of time to capture great ideas to focus on within that theme.