5 Cloud Apps That Make Life Simple for Writers

Leverage the power of the cloud to boost your productivity.

Freelance writers working on technology topics have heard about the cloud over and over by now, but this type of technology offers useful resources for writers in any niche. At its most basic level, the cloud refers to servers networked together to distribute the resources between the servers. It’s used to host cloud apps, websites, computing infrastructure, and platforms. The cloud apps are particularly useful to writers, as they provide access to a cloud app from any device that has Internet access. Additionally, many cloud apps have mobile-specific versions for iOS and Android devices. The following apps make life that much easier for writers.

1. Google Drive

Google already has a major hold in the cloud space with Gmail, but freelancers should look towards Google Drive, specifically the documents part of the service. You have a full word processing suite anytime, anywhere, as well as a cloud-based service for reading the vast majority of formats clients send your way. In addition, you also have cloud storage space for essential project files.

2. FreshBooks

Invoicing is a necessary evil for freelancers, with FreshBooks offering expense logging, invoicing, and time-tracking features. Bookkeeping and invoicing software are often unnecessarily complicated, but FreshBooks keeps their interface simple and easy to use.

3. Evernote

This cloud-based note app makes it simple to organize your writing life. Article notes, submission guidelines, and other essential paperwork remain organized within an Evernote notebook. Writers can use notebooks to organize various notes. The web clipping tool makes it easy to add interesting information for research purposes, while the ability to access your notes from any device makes it a must-have tool for any writing purpose.

4. Wunderlist

You juggle a lot of tasks as a freelancer, from your work to client correspondence to maintaining your website. It’s easy for something to get lost in the shuffle, which makes the versatile to-do list Wunderlist useful. It’s a simple app that allows you to create various to-do lists, with pro features that also add in sharing and collaboration tools.

5. Basecamp

Multi-stage projects, sub-contractors and large-scale projects require a special form of organization that only project management tools bring. Basecamp is a well known cloud-based project management tool that provides you with plenty of options for tracking your project progress, setting up a task management system, and sharing information and files with other people on the project.

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