4 Ways to Land Freelance Blogging Gigs

Business owners use their blogs to educate potential customers about their products and services, announce upcoming events and solicit feedback. Since business owners have limited time, and often cannot afford full-time writers on their staffs, they hire bloggers to assist them. There are several ways you can land some initial freelance blogging gigs, boost your credibility and get some samples for your portfolio.

Start Your Own Blog

Sit down and map out your interests, then consider which of them you can speak and write about with ease. Brainstorm blog posts ideas related to the topic, then start writing. You can get started using a free blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, TypePad Micro, Tumblr and Posterous Spaces. When you begin pitching your freelance writing services to businesses, you can direct your potential clients to posts on your blog that are relevant to their businesses and industries.

Become a Guest Blogger

Blog owners often invite guest bloggers to pitch and submit relevant posts. A simple search online can lead you to blogs within your industry. In fact, the blogs you currently read may offer opportunities. Search their websites for “Submission Guidelines” or contact the blog owners via email to find out if you can pitch a guest blog post for review. Since most guest blogger submissions are unpaid, the purpose of this gig is to gain exposure and build your writer’s portfolio. Make sure the blog owner allows you to include your name, a one sentence bio and a link to your website or blog with your guest post.

Sign Up for Freelance Writing Sites

Websites like Scripted.com hire writers with experience in areas such as business, health, education, entertainment, technology and travel. You can apply directly on the website by providing a few details about yourself and a writing sample. The Scripted staff will review your sample and let you know whether you’re approved. When you receive your approval email, you can browse the site for paid blogging assignments that fit your skill level and areas of expertise.

Pitch Directly to Potential Clients

Once you have a few writing samples under your belt, begin pitching your blog writing services to businesses within your areas of knowledge and interest. You can start by visiting the websites of businesses in your area to see if they have blogs. Pay attention to how often they’re updated. If they haven’t posted in months, they may need to hire a writer. Find the business owner’s name and email address. Send a quick, but professional email. Provide your name and a brief overview of your writing experience. Ask the business owner whether he’s looking for a blogger, then provide your contact information for follow-up. The goal of this email is to let the business owner know that you’re a writer-for-hire. If you don’t hear back within a week, give the business owner a call and reference your initial email. Be prepared to share your writing samples, pitch a few topic ideas and provide rates.