4 Tips to Avoid Distractions for Freelance Writers

Freelance writing may be an easy task, but it can also be a confusing and time-consuming one as well. To add to the challenge of writing, you are also very prone to distractions. If you are one of those writers, who is struggling with productivity and time management issues, these tips might just work for you:

Tip #1: Filter your emails.

Start your day by looking through your emails and seeing which tasks needs to be done ASAP. Filtering your emails can also improve your organization. Mark those unnecessary emails you receive daily and filter them in a way where they directly go to your archive. Make a folder and rename it to something like “LATER”. This is where your medium-priority emails go. Most freelancers and employees waste too much time at work because they spend time checking their emails over and over again, and find themselves drowning in urgent projects. Help yourself out and start a new habit of going through your inbox twice a day. Do it upon waking up in the morning, and end your day at work by reading your emails again.

Tip #2: Make a list of your schedule and stick with it.

Companies and other private clients hire writers that are dedicated and focused on finishing a job on time. Although it is important to deliver quality writing jobs, you are also expected to be a fast writer. Do this by setting a realistic schedule. Get a planner and make a list of things that you have to do during the day. Set a deadline and stick to it. If possible, use your Google Calendar and have your priority tasks for the next day delivered directly to your inbox. Planning your day ahead of time will keep you focused on your work because you now have specific goals that must be completed in an certain amount of time.

Tip #3: Social Media is not your life!

Let’s face it – you are not being paid by your clients to read each friend’s status update, to be updated with your favorite celebrity’s tweets, or to “repin” nice clothes over at Pinterest. There’s always time for social media and that time is when you have nothing else to do. Look for Google Chrome or Safari apps that can help temporarily block your favorite websites while you’re working.

Tip #4: Stay awake. Work out before doing your tasks.

Writing is a tricky job. You might be assigned to write about a repetitive, mundane topic, or maybe, you stayed out late the previous night because of a long project. Either way, the result is the same: drowsiness. To combat drowsiness, work out before you begin to write. Working out will boost your energy, and it will keep your body and mind alert and awake.

It is true that you can earn a lot of money through freelance writing jobs. However, you have to employ time management techniques and a distraction-free environment in order to succeed.

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