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Most days, when I'm not spinning my own words or editing someone else's, you can find me contemplating the fresh veggies at the farmers market or gazing into tide pools. Not what you needed to know about me? OK then. I have a master's degree in library science, and I've been writing and editing web content since 2008.

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Beautiful Off-Grid Energy-Efficient Dream Homes

# Beautiful Off-Grid Energy-Efficient Dream Homes If your image of off-grid living is a ramshackle cabin with a bunch of aging hippies huddled around a wood stove, then you haven't kept up with the changes new technology h...

Do Your Supplements Perform as Advertised?

**Supplements offer extra nutrition to insufficient diets, but must be selected thoughtfully. Supplements can pose a health risk depending on the ingredients and dosages. ** Nutritional supplements are a $32 billion a year indu...

How to Talk Your Way Into Lower Media Bills

**Customer retention is crucial for any service provider, especially in the media industry. They want you as a customer, which allows you the ability to negotiate the cost of your media bills.** Paying bills is the least fun an...

Home Workouts That Require No Equipment

**Going to the gym requires time, money and willpower. For those of us with deficiencies in any (or all) of those areas, how can we burn calories and gain muscle without leaving our home?**You might be surprised at how easily y...

Private School vs. Public School: How To Pick The Right One For Your Teen

**The percentage of students that attend college has been increasing in the past years, creating a more intensive focus on how to gain admission into the best colleges. Making the right decision between public and private schoo...

Good grub for night owls in Victoria

You've been out and about with your buddies having a grand time, and now you're starving; it's time to grab some late-night grub. Are you hungry for pub food, small plates or something new and different? Victoria...

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