Ron L

Ron L

La Grange, Illinois, United States

Ron L. is one of Scripted's original writers, and has done articles on a variety of topics, mostly IT related but as diverse as the medical diagnosis code expansion to the world's ten coolest subways. Ron is a software salesman and amateur script writer in his regular life, a...

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Private Clouds and Public Clouds

**Although cloud computing is relatively new, there is already a separation between the private and public cloud. Between the two there are several differences to be aware of.** The phrase "cloud c...

Self-Publishing: Detrimental or Revolutionary?

**Self-publishing is viewed by some as having been detrimental to the quality of writing, but that may not be the whole story.** ### The Way it Used to Be Decades ago, it used to be referred to as ...

Trojan Horse Programs and How to Avoid Them

**Malware exists in many forms, so how can you protect yourself from them all? The best defense is knowing what's out there and what it looks like.** In Greek mythology, Athenian soldiers hid i...

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