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Renee Butler is an experienced freelance writer in the Accounting & Finance, Education, Employment & Career, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Personal Finance, Retail & Ecommerce, Sales, Small Business, Sports & Fitness, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Travel industries.

Renee B
Renee Butler
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Writer for almost 8 years
Last online 1 day ago
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Marketing consultant and content writing strategist with 13+ years of experience. My superpower is explaining complex things simply - be it a clinical trial, financial report, or investing trend - and I am passionate about producing content that adds value and meets the needs of the reader. My writing has appeared in numerous outlets related to finance and investing, from TheStreet to SCORE. I have an MBA from Exeter, degrees in psychology/sociology, and over 15 years of experience working with hedge funds and startups. Let's talk.

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