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DBA as Content Done Write, Ramon Antonio Matta is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Association of Health Care Journalists, and the Professional Writers' Alliance. He has master-level training and certifications in SEO, keyword research, content marketing, direct-response copywriting, and content strategy from industry leaders. Ramon Antonio is a health journalist, content creator, service consultant, and marketing guru packaged nicely within a near decade-spanning career. 

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Why Are Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Often Mentioned Together?

Bipolar disorder and substance use disorder intersect at many levels for various people. Since having bipolar can lead to or worsen SUD symptoms, many people view the two as related. When a person has a diagnosis of substance u...

Lose to Win: Healthy Weight Loss in Pounds a Week

Not all diet and exercise plans are created equal. Hence, the rise and fall of fads. Fads should be left to fade away like celebrity gossip. The healthiest ways to lose unwanted mass should always be with an equation that inclu...

13 Digital Marketing Trends Dominating 2019

No matter what new technologies emerge from year to year, the aim of digital marketing will unfailingly remain to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Innovative approaches in this new year will change the digital marketing...

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

With a high degree of emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), in the workplace, a person uses social skills, self-awareness, motivation and self-regulation to acknowledge, comprehend, regulate and reason ...

Relationship Marketing Campaigns: 5 Winning Strategies

Relationship marketing is a valuable strategy in engaging and maintaining connections with customers so they continue purchasing a product or service. Learning how to create an effective relationship marketing campaign can help...

How to Recognize Unhealthful Thinking Like Dichotomous (Black-and-White) Thinking

By nature of being conscious human beings, each day, people try to make sense of the world. Still, sometimes we make inaccurate shortcuts. These alternative routes make our thoughts biased. They can cause unhelpful thinking sty...

The Future of Search: 5 Tech Trends That Will Impact SEO

Due to social media marketing, content marketing, and the switch to mobile search, among other developments, previous SEO practices—the good and the bad, like keyword stuffing content, link buying, and over-optimizing meta tags...

The Difference Between Leadership and Management

There is a distinction to make when it comes to leadership versus management because, although similar, the two are not synonymous. It has nothing to do with personal attributes, title, or hierarchy of power but about bringing ...

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