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Retired Marine Officer, and former Law Enforcement officer with oodles of writing experience! Mostly technical in my two former careers, but branching into copy writing, blogging, and creative writing as well. Looking to use my words to help make YOU a success! Quite new to the freelance world, but I hope yo...
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I am a Constitutional Conservative, and I believe in small government and the freedom of people to live their own lives. I've spent over 30 years - the majority of my adult life - defending just that, whether in the military, fighting for my country, or in law enforcement, fighting for law and order in my community.

10 Simple Ways to Trigger Liberals
It has been a bit too long since I’ve posted here, having spent a good majority of my time building brand on my Twitter feed (@DsnctdFmAmerica). Today I’m feeling quite froggy, and I want to make ...