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Pam Sornson is an experienced freelance writer in the Cybersecurity, Education, Energy & Utilities, Legal, Technology industries.

Pam S
Pam Sornson
Portland, Oregon, United States
Writer for over 7 years
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Pam Sornson writes about technology, the law, parenting, and the environment, among many other subjects. Her legal background supports her comprehensive analytical skills and her compassion for humanity helps her to connect with clients on every level.

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Much better than "Jump in Domestic Violence tied to COVID."

Train accidents: Why they can be catastrophic and what to do next

Train Accidents, accidents involving bystanders, passengers and railroad workers

Gynecological Malpractice Explained

The Legal Perspective: Gyno Malpractice (Continued)

Gynecological Malpractice, OBGYN Errors, The Legal Perspective (Cont.)

Do I Need an Attorney for a Social Security Claim?

Do I Need an Attorney for a Social Security Claim? (Continued)

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud Backups Reduce Ransomware Damage

Environmental Practices in Global Supply Chains

Environmental Practices in Global Supply Chains Brazil's recent dam failure and its subsequent environmental disaster are raising concerns around the globe about the security of international supply chains. The dam was owned b...

Payment Processing Compliance

Payment Processing Compliance It may be safe to say that today's urgent need for security in every aspect of business is both unprecedented and overwhelming. The ubiquitousness of the Internet opens doors for both commercial g...

ERP Investment Tips for CFO's

ERP Investment Tips for CFO's Despite talent and organizational challenges, most C-Suite officers are optimistic about their corporate ability to embrace and profit from emerging technologies. The swift evolution of technologi...

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