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I'm a content writer for short and long form copy, specialising in recruitment, hiring, company culture and careers. I have 30k followers on LinkedIn with 13 million content views per year and my current & previous clients include LinkedIn, HubSpot, multiple Talent/HR tech tools, AI headshot platforms.Humourous tone with careers, work, culture topics is my strength.

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Will Marks, Marketing Data Science profile

Meet a Mutineer: Will Marks, Director of Marketing Science Words by Mitch King. When it was first announced that Will Marks was joining Mutinex, my first thought was "I wonder what a Marketing Science Director does?" then I...

The layoff Bruno's

The layoff Bruno's Anyone that works in or that knows someone in the tech industry has likely A) been laid off B) works for a company that had laid off or C) knows someone from A or B due to the market conditions over the past ...

I think you think you want to work in a startup. But do you?

I think you think you want to work in a startup. But do you? I don't want to put people off working at startups, that's not my aim here. What I do want to do though is shed some light on the reality of startups so that it is is...

The Dad Dilemma

The Dad dilemma I saw a clip on Insta the other day where someone was rattling off their rules in life in order to be successful. The short version of what they said is "you can't be successful if you're only working 40 hours a...

The Burnout Buildup

The burnout buildup I lived in Melbourne during that first year of lockdown in 2020 and I was one of the lucky ones. I had a job, we were hiring people but all around people were being laid off, having to homeschool and not rea...

Tech Talent shortage in 2023

The skills shortage in Australia is nothing new, but makes it difficult for some companies to find and keep workers with knowledge and expertise across many occupations. As the tech sector has seen a boom in tech-related jobs, ...

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