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The Politics of International Work and Travel

Want to travel the world? Great! All you need is money and the right documentation. No problem, right? Wrong. Depending on your nationality, destination and age, there are all kinds of problems you...

EPA Budget Cuts Could Mean Even Less Safety Testing for Pesticides

There’s bad news this month for anti-pesticide activists who were hoping the Environmental Protection Agency would have their backs concerning unsafe chemicals. Thanks to a Republican-passed spendi...

Cozumel’s Deer, Once Feared Locally Extinct, Found Living in the Jungle

Recent sightings ignite hope for species thought to have disappeared from the Mexican island It has been about 10 years since local environmentalists and conservationists sadly concluded that the l...

How Small Businesses Can Create a Community on Mobile Devices

Having a mobile marketing presence has seen increasing importance with the increase in usage of mobile devices. Check out these effective ways to engage mobile users. Statistics show us that 84 ...

A Brief History of Google's SEO Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly evolving to pre-empt and counter advances in SEO. Here are the biggest algorithm changes to search engine optimization. The average internet user sees infrequent Google upda...

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I'm a Canadian expat (read: immigrant) living in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. I love cats, food, travel, music, and I'm an excellent source for optimized SEO content! My work has been printed in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, Playboy, Earth Island Journal, Be a Freelance Blogger and many other great publications.


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