Michael E

Michael E

Kingman, Arizona, United States

I write about business and for businesses. From marketing and social media to education and industry specific blogs, I’ve spent several years honing my abilities to research and write about anything and everything. Here’s a quick look at what I’ve enjoyed writing for my pro...

Customer Ratings 7
$13K Earned
36 Customer Favorites
98% Job Acceptance
67% Followed Guidelines
67% Customer Happiness

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3 Ways Dynamic Creatives Can Boost Your Ad Returns

# 3 Ways Dynamic Creatives Can Boost Your Ad Returns Dynamic creatives have changed the way the ad world creates and manages their advertisements across multiple platforms and multiple channels. I...

Top 5 Mouthwatering Seasonal Summer Fruits and Creative Ways to Prepare Them

**In the summer months there are several ways to escape the heat, but few are more refreshing than a cool cabana-style fruit creations.** As the summer season heats up, so does our desire to take a...

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