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Megan Morreale is an experienced freelance writer in the Accounting & Finance, Automotive, Career, Education, Energy & Environment, Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Beauty, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Human Resources, Insurance, Marketing & Advertising industries.

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Megan Morreale
Writer for about 2 years
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Megan Morreale's has 7 years of content marketing management experience. Her expetise is data storytelling and thought leadership for companies in the advertising, sustainability, security, healthcare, CRM, HR tech, and finance spaces. She regularly contributes to sites like Content Marketing Institute, SEMRush, Vox Media, and Instapage, and she's ghost-written pieces for executives on sites like CNBC.com and The Independent. Megan has also worked with Taboola, Keyence, Neustar, HelpJuice, TempDev, Ipswitch, HR for Health, Soundwise, VisionX Partners, Seagate Technology, Artis Energy, Cl...

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