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Data storyteller -- Mark T is a professional writer on Chicago's Data Lakefront, using hard data and scientific research to tell data stories about innovation, startup culture, emerging global trends, and next-gen tech.

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100 Books Everyone Should Read

There are a lot of books out there. Around 3500 BCE, somebody scratched out ideas (or a business plan or legal dispute) in symbols on clay. Thus the first writer was born. Approximately two minute...

How AI Impacts Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

In trying to crack the toughest marketing challenges, two heads are certainly better than one — but how about a million heads? Some marketing problems have grown so complex that humans can't or jus...

A Tale of Two Charts: Taking A Second Look at the Box Office

Charts can tell stories that mere words cannot — a point we can show you by way of example: Let's start with the most successful films of 2017, as tabulated by [](http://www.thenumber...

When Data Storytelling Changed the World

In just about every Hollywood movie that's even vaguely sciencey, there's inevitably a scene where an unhinged scientist has to explain some critical data to the stars (and the audience). A...

Telling Stories to Data: How to Teach Computers to Be More Ethical

The world's economic leaders at Davos were worried about it. Stephen Hawking is still worried about it, and everyone seems to agree that he's pretty smart. Elon Musk has already invested a ...

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