Magda P

Magda P

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Translator and re-writer. I like that kind of writing that takes readers by surprise inviting them to see things from a new angle. Please go through the samples provided here to get an idea of my writing or visit for more. I write in "plain"...

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What a coveted high heeled pair of green shoes can teach you about balance

It's funny how a pair of shoes – yes, shoes – can bring back to mind a whole chapter of your life and urge you to write on a topic that has to do more about life and less about shoes or fashion. ...


"She tried to remember what it was she was thinking about before she heard the news of the volcano's eruption. Oh yes. The menu. Her train of happy thoughts about the romantic menu she would pick f...

The Bear and the Baby

I am not exactly a fan of cartoons. But I have learned to embrace them. I run a freelance business and a lot of my work gets done while my 6 year old is at home with me. When the projects I work...

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