lee k

Houston, Texas, United States

Good writing can catapult your business into the stratosphere. If you want to compete in your industry and stand out among your competitors, align yourself with a talented writer, whether she’s crafting blog posts, web content, or Tweets. Businesses need a lot of cogs to make the wheel turn, but the most important element is an eloquent ambassador. If you aren’t presenting your goods or services through competent, creative writing, you’re doing your business a great disservice. As a writer in the business for 10 years, I’ve worked with large corporations, start-ups, small businesses, and individuals. My focus is the same regardless: to write with the READER in mind, whether the goal is to sell, educate, motivate, or somewhere in between. What I write includes: Web site text Blog posts Informational articles Copy Brochures Tweets Press Releases Publishing credits include: USA Today, Outdoor Online, Virgin Galactic, eHow and hundreds of wedding blogs.

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