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Through 15 years of freelance copywriting and marketing experience, I have developed a reputation for crafting valuable, authoritative, engaging marketing collateral. I work to establish long-lasting connections between organizations and the audiences they want to reach. I have specialized in financial and government-related content for most of my writing career, and can explain complex topics in a clear, easy-to-understand manner for general audiences, as well as provide in-depth explorations of the same subjects for more knowledgeable readers.

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The Difference Between CNY and CNH Currency

# The Difference Between CNY and CNH Currency Chinese currency is officially known as the renminbi, often shortened to RMB and commonly known as "yuan." You're likely to run into the acronyms CNY and CNH as well, both of which...

Maximizing the ROI of Your Visit to the Canton Fair and Other Trade Shows

# Maximizing the ROI of Your Visit to the Canton Fair and Other Trade Shows Attending trade shows such as the Canton Fair is an excellent way to identify new products and trends as well as get access to suppliers that aren't l...

5 Things You Didn't Realize Can Tank Your Credit Score

Most people think responsible credit use means paying your bills on time and never taking out more than you can afford to pay back, but credit reporting agencies and the businesses they serve don't quite see it that way. Wh...

Low-income mortgage tips

Low-income people can become homeowners if they keep their expectations realistic and shop around for the best financing available. Loan types Low-income borrowers have a few mortgage options available to them. Conventional loa...

How your company can avoid Sally Beauty's multiple security breach issues

The security vulnerabilities a business faces are usually in four areas: information technology, employees, the building, and intellectual property. In Sally's case, these issues are compounded by a sprawling network of 3500 st...

What Stocks to Have When Stocks Are Doing Badly?

Certain stocks, often referred to as "defensive" ones, can maintain their performance during good and bad times. Some even increase in value during economic slumps. A good bit of overlap exists between types of stock, and many ...

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