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Kelly B

Hanover, New Hampshire, United States

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Lessons From The First Year of Motherhood

Last year I spent my Mother's Day waiting. I was just fifteen days away from meeting my daughter – although at the time I didn't know that – and the end-of-pregnancy expanse stretched infinitely be...

Remembering D-Day

Morley Piper was 20 years old and had been in the Army for two years when he found himself lurching in a small boat in the English Channel about 3 miles off the coast of Normandy. It was June 6, 19...

Not Your Dad's Pot: Raising THC Levels and The New Marijuana

At the University of Mississippi, Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, a professor of Pharmaceutics, has the unique task of growing marijuana with the full blessing of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. In ...

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