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Katherine Swarts
Houston, Texas, United States
Writer for about 6 years
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Content writer with over a decade of experience creating articles in a timely, dependable manner. Specialize in health, career, and life-skills topics. Clients have included The Menninger Clinic, Lakeview Health, and Beach House Center for Recovery.

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Are You Driving Your Prospects Away? Part 2

If you're seriously short on new clients and repeat business, you can blame your background, your lack of connections, and a lack of opportunities in your industry--or you can take a serious look at the way you do business. You...

Are You Driving Your Prospects Away?

"It's impossible to run a business in this economy!" "The big names/WASP crowd/tech degrees get all the breaks!" "There's just no market for website development/graphic art/[fill in industry of your choosing] these days!" Do an...

3 Reasons No One Wants to Be Your Client

I'm not going to quote you any depressing statistics on how many small businesses fold within their first year. Even if every researcher agreed on the numbers -- even if the figures were as high as 99 percent, or as low as 1 pe...

Can You "Go Crazy" from Stress? How to Reduce Your Chances of Mental-Illness Problems

Frustrated souls have always complained, in the heat of stress, that something or someone was "driving me crazy." But is it possible to literally go "crazy"--to develop a mental illness--from the effects of emotional pressure? ...

New Year's Resolutions for the Family Caregiver

January is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, but after coping for years with mental illness in the family, many longtime caregivers are depressingly short on hope for significant change. It's true that you can't make a...

Stories about Stories: Writing for Kids about Language and Literature

Everyone knows (or should) that copying plotlines and character types is a recipe for rejection. It's not just a plagiarism issue; no one is at his best writing "like" someone else. As Irving Berlin is said to have told an up-a...

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