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Kate is a 30-something expat living in South-east Asia. She is a scientist, leader, and entrepreneur, and brings this energy to the articles she writes. She is comfortable handling diverse topics from accounting to zoology. She is passionate about the power of the written word to connect, inform, and entertain her readers.

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Italy Visa and Residency Guide

Italy is a popular choice for those wishing to travel or live in Europe. It’s referred to as the Bel Paese (the Dream Country). We’ll cover everything you need to know about Italy’s visa and residence permit options. Remember t...

Spain Golden Visa Full Guide: How to get easy EU residency now

The great weather, spectacular beaches, rich culture, cheap cost of living – who can resist? That’s why many people dream of living in Spain, a country that is high on the list for Expats who are considering living abroad. We’l...

Irish Citizenship Guide: How to get its awesome passport!

How can you get Irish citizenship? In this article, we explore the criteria, process, and fees. We’ll cover everything you need to apply for citizenship in Ireland or abroad and show you how to get an Irish passport. There ar...

Living in the Czech Republic: Discover its Awesome Benefits Now!

Whether you know it as Czechia or the Czech Republic, many Expats love this beautiful European country. Living in the Czech Republic offers many benefits, from accessible healthcare to appealing career opportunities. Rich with ...

Moving to Estonia: Full 2021 Visa and Relocation Guide

Estonia has rapidly earned a reputation as a great place to live. So, how do you go about moving to Estonia as an Expat? Here’s your complete guide to Estonia visas and immigration, accommodation, banking, and healthcare; we’re...

How to make Moving to France easy!

Do you dream of moving to France? For many people, the romance of French life is irresistible. We’ll cover everything you need to know before departure and after arrival to make moving to France easy. Learn about immigration, r...

Binto Review: Women's Health Supplement

According to the CDC, preventative health care is one of the most important strategies for avoiding chronic diseases that affect about 60% of U.S. adults. Proper nutrition plays an important role in the broad picture of prevent...

Wisp Review: Recommended for Sexual Health Care?

As telemedicine access continues to grow in the United States, it isn’t surprising that sexual health care has become one of the big drivers of online health activity. The prospect of addressing reproductive health needs from t...

Best Herbs for Lungs and Respiratory Support

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosis or to replace professional medical advice. Herbal medicines can produce adverse effects and are not suitable for all people. With the...

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a naturally-occurring yellow pigment, and is found in a range of fruits and vegetables. It is part of the flavonoid family, pigments that are known for their health properties, particularly their role as antioxidan...

The Best Pest Killer You Already Have in Your Pantry

Pests are a plant’s worst enemy. From aphids to snails, grasshoppers to fungi, these organisms can infest their chosen plant and either hamper its development or destroy it completely. In practice, there are several methods o...

17 Lessons Learned from an 80-year-old Nurse

There is no doubt that the world of medicine has changed beyond recognition over the last fifty years. And yet, if the foundations of our technological society collapsed, would medicine still operate in the same way? As doctors...

How to Properly Store Drugs and Medical Supplies

One of the biggest concerns when SHTF is the lack of access to medical care. The prospect of being your own doctor might be daunting, but knowing you have all the supplies you need is a good starting point. That means knowing w...

How to Make Tumeric Powder for Treating Inflammation

Turmeric, or Curcuma longa, is a member of the ginger family, native to South-East Asia. It forms large rhizomes which are harvested for their use in cooking and traditional medicine. As well as lending an attractive yellow col...

34 Wild Plants Every Prepper Should Know

In a survival situation, foraging for edible plants will be key for a sustainable diet. But many of these wild edibles are also survival plants, with important properties as medicines, water indicators, and other qualities that...

How to Store Drugs for Extended Shelf Life

How to Store Your Drugs for an Extended Shelf Life Disclaimer: This article is for interest and information purposes only. We do not advocate for the use of medications outside of their formal licensing and hold no liability ...

The Real Expiration Date of the Drugs in Your Cabinet

The Real Expiration Date of Common Drugs in Your Cabinet Editor’s Note: This article is for information purposes only. We do not advocate for the use of medications outside their formal licensing and hold no liability for the ...

My Dog is Getting Old

My dog is Getting Old: Signs of Aging in Dogs (Vet Advice) Written by: Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 169 Updated on: 02/10/2021 The bittersweet truth of having pets as well-loved family members is that they rarely outlive us; ...

Why is my cat's stomach gurgling?

Why is My Cat Stomach Gurgling? Written by: Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 14930 Updated on: 09/20/2021 As with people, it is not unusual to hear the occasional gurgle from your cat’s stomach. But are these bubbly noises always...

How To Give a Dog a Pill

How to Give a Dog a Pill: Tips from a Vet Written by: Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 149 Updated on: 04/13/2021 We’ve all been there. The unexpected trip to the vet with a sick or injured pet. The relief of knowing they have go...

Why is my cat scratching their ears?

Why is my Cat Scratching their Ears? (Veterinary Advice) Written by: Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 492 Updated on: 04/21/2021 While the occasional scratch is normal for any cat, persistent scratching of the ears is likely to ...

Signs of Aging in Cats

Signs your Cat is Getting Old: Elderly Cat Care Written by: Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 259 Updated on: 07/21/2021 Aging is one of those unavoidable facts of life. Sooner or later, our feline companions will start to show si...

Skin Allergies in Cats

Skin Allergies in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment (Vet Advice) Written by : Dr. Kathryn Dench Viewed: 254 Updated on: 06/09/2021 While the occasional scratch is perfectly normal, struggling with very itchy skin ca...

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