Karen S

Karen S

St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica

Karen SC Ashley is a Content Developer and freelance writer with expertise in copywriting. She has a background in nursing, fitness training, and business administration. In addition, she has traveled widely as a flight crew member in the airline industry. She brings multiple ...

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89% Customer Happiness

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5 Exercise Myths: Why You Can't Lose Those Extra Pounds

# **5 Exercise Myths: Why You Can't lose those Extra Pounds** Over ninety percent of gym goers are guided by the wrong information about exercise. [Exercise myths](http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/...

Maldives: A Romantic Get Away Across the Atlantic

# Maldives: Top Romantic Getaway Across the Atlantic The seductive tropical isles of Maldives are a marvel in nature. Each coral island buoys teasingly in the Indian Ocean giving rise to mystique ...

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