Jordy F

Jordy F

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Digital marketer from Toronto. 25 years experience writing, 10+ editing — extensive experience in web content, ad copywriting, self-published fiction, webcomics and whitepapers. Managing Editor for a digital indie publisher called Final Girl Press.

Customer Ratings 15
$1.12K Earned
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100% Job Acceptance
67% Followed Guidelines
100% Customer Happiness

Writing samples by Jordy F ...

Who Will Fix Cars in 2025?

[This article first appeared on]( Your mechanic, no? Well, maybe not. It's 2018, and while 2025 may sound like a futuristic number, seven ...

The Hard Truths of Self Publishing

Since this is called The Self Pub Hub, I'm assuming most readers are here because of the enticing path of doing their own thing. So I'm going to go a little deeper on the pessimistic track and expo...

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