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My name’s Jessie. I collect words and get people. Put those two together, and you get great communication. I started collecting words at an early age, devouring books like decadent literary candy. By my sophomore year of college, I’d read every play Shakespeare ever wrote (plus a couple of questionable authorship.) I’ve read Infinite Jest… twice. There’s a flashcard app on my phone full of vocabulary words, so I can get my lexicon on while I’m chilling in the grocery store line. Despite this, professional wordsmithery was an accidental career choice. Freshly returned from one adventure, lost in a haze of wanderlust, I started writing to fund the next expedition, crafting my previous travel stories into travel content. A year later (and seven months in India fully funded), this little side job has turned into a career. Working with a variety of clients, I’ve developed my skills for crafting well-written content, offering work that engages as much as it informs.


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