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Jasmine Henry is a Seattle-based freelance writer, with specialties in technology, analytics, software, and related fields. She holds a MS degree in Informatics & Analytics, and a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Informatics from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. Her work has appeared on Forbes, HP Nucleus, IBM Big Data Hub, Time, ADP Spark, Reuters, and more.

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How "tech fear" is killing innovation

IT pros are about to come up against a new form of user resistance: technology fears. It's likely your users are a little freaked out about the data your team needs to function, and it could make your job more difficult. A rec...

10 Simple Ways to Embrace More Raw and Living Foods

Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Ellen DeGeneres are just three of [many gorgeous celebrities](http://www.celebritydirt.com/6-celebrities-who-eat-raw-vegan-or-vegetarian/5/) who swear by a raw and living diet. Consisting of 50 to ...

#Femtech: Empowering Women with Health and Wellness Tech

Is there a place in the future where women can use a mobile app instead of a birth control pill, with the same results? While the ability for a doctor to prescribe an app will depend on regulatory approval, the billions raised...

Don't Be Fooled by the Cost of the ACA This Year

HR leaders at large firms knew that in 2016 compliance with health care regulations wouldn't be inexpensive or easy. [Affordable Care Act](https://www.adp.com/spark/articles/hr2017-what-last-year-taught-us-about-the-aca-10-...

Is NO ONE Reading Your Content? Little-Known Blog Marketing Tips!

When asked to rank the most commonly missing skill sets on their team, content and blog promotion took [third place](http://www.curata.com/blog/content-marketing-statistics-the-ultimate-list/) for today's organizations. It&...

Will digital payment die a prolonged death in 2017?

# Will digital payment die a painful, prolonged death in 2017? Digital payment is hot. Or is it? Separating hype from reality in tech is always important. In this case, data indicates that technology to pay digitally is evol...

Level up your health game with wearables, RPGs, and … zombies?

# Level up your health game with wearables, RPGs, and … zombies? Forget virtual reality—[fitness wearables](http://www.businessinsider.com/wearable-adoption-increasing-but-customers-are-dissatisfied-with-apps-2016-3) are one ...

5 cybersecurity threats that crushed businesses in 2016

# 5 cybersecurity threats that crushed businesses in 2016 Almost everyone was affected by cybercrime last year. Cybersecurity threats ran wild. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks took down Netflix, Amazon, and Reddi...

Remote Workplaces: Unraveling The Risks And Reward Of Flexible Work Environments

The potential risks and rewards of remote workplaces are among the hottest topics in HR today. ADP's study [The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workforce](https://indd.adobe.com/view/5b54e57c-d9f9-44f6-...

Why Last Year’s Data Doesn’t Convert: Big Data Recency for Conversion Targeting

The New York Stock Exchange captures 1 terabyte of data during each active daily trading session. Modern vehicles are equipped with approximately 100 sensors, all of which quietly work behind-the-scenes to capture an abundance ...

Mining user-generated energy consumption data for profit-driven insights

User-generated data can be rich with insights on consumer perception, priorities and response. This is often an untapped or underutilized source for organizations in any industry, despite having big implications for customer ex...

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