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Blackwater, England, United Kingdom

I am an experienced copywriter with a reputation for delivering high-quality long-form content. I have worked with a wide variety of brands - including Shutterstock, SAP, and eBay - to create content that communicates expertise, generates trust, and builds brand loyalty. I spe...

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The Growing Importance of Influencer Marketing for B2B Sales

Influencer marketing is the practice of reaching out to "influencers" within your market and collaborating with them to boost your brand awareness. These individuals are industry and product expert...

The Importance of Buyer Personas In B2C Marketing

Buyer personas – fictionalized profiles representing different market segments – are a vital tool in B2C marketing. Two customers may come into your store and buy the same product, but that doesn't...

3 Essential Leadership Qualities in Banking in 2017

# 3 Essential Leadership Qualities in Banking in 2017 ## Leaders must cultivate these three attributes if they want their bank to survive the FinTech revolution. An increased pace of technologica...

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