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B2C Marketing Tactics to Apply in B2B

B2B and B2C marketing have many distinct differences, but there are B2C tactics that could benefit B2B companies. Traditionally, when compared to businesses that market directly to consumers, B2...

Healthcare Mobile Apps: Saving Lives?

Tech experts have noticed an explosion in mobile healthcare apps over the past few years. At first, what was thought to be a fluke trend has been identified as a viable way to lower the costs of U....

Why Storytelling Is Just as Important in B2B

When facing the limited attention span of an audience, "showing" beats "telling". Don't just describe your products, build a story that explains your product.   The old writing adage of "show do...

Tips on How to Improve Retention Post App Download

With app downloads at an all-time high, users are settling into their favorites. Learn how to stay current and maximize your app's user base. The mobile app market is exploding, with an expected...

When to Fire an Employee

Firing an employee is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, but has to be done sometimes. You should know the right time to pull the trigger. Few people enjoy firing an employee, even ...

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Hilary Ferrand has been writing professionally for 20 years. She makes her home in North Central Iowa with her husband, Dennis, and their five children.


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