Gretchen L

Gretchen L

Maine, United States

Hello! I'm Gretchen. I've been writing professionally for four years. I have an associate's degree in Business with a concentration in Office Technology, which focused a great deal on English composition and proofreading. I'm a native of West Virginia and currently live in Mai...

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Photographer Advice: Why it Doesn't Matter if You're "Ugly"

I've been reflecting this week on a message that I received from an entrant in our Mother-Children photo contest. I won't reveal her name or any specific details, but she spoke of losing a ...

4 Do-or-Die Photography Tips for Social Media

You're a new business owner and you can't afford to hire a professional photographer for your social media. Do I EVER understand your plight. But fear not, my friend. I am here to help. Let...

Get Fired Up in Sanford!

Why Sanford? Why this store? "Okay Helen," I said. "Tell me about the roots of your business. Why Sanford? Why this store?" She turned to me, full-on face to face, and deadpanned, "I wanted to get ...

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