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Gretchen L. H.

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    Maine, United States
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    26/26 (100%)
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Hello! I'm Gretchen. I've been writing professionally for four years. I have an associate's degree in Business with a concentration in Office Technology, which focused a great deal on English composition and proofreading. I'm a native of West Virginia and currently live in Maine. I can write about most general topics, but my favorite clients are businesses that want life and emotion infused into their content. I have experience writing on the following topics: elder care/ Alzheimer's disease, photography, small business, parenting, gardening, home improvement. As a writer, I really enjoy creating a piece that I know will draw potential customers and clients closer to the brand. In fact, it's not unusual for me to hear from clients, "I didn't know that we were that good!" or "I would want to buy from me!" If you want a little more spark added to your brand, I would love to speak with you about your ideas.


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