George R

George R

Lockport, New York, United States

I have been a professional freelance writer for many years and I have a reputation for exceeding client expectations and meeting even the toughest deadlines. I work with each client on an individual basis and take a vested interest in getting the best possible results. I do no...

Customer Ratings 62
$5.35K Earned
38 Customer Favorites
98% Job Acceptance
77% Followed Guidelines
62% Customer Happiness

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A NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN: Jurassic World (2015)

It feels like they took the original Jurassic Park script and put it on steroids to get Jurassic World. In the new movie, you get: - The evil fat guy that everyone wants to see die. - The siblings...

How To Turn a Cold Lead Into a Buying Customer

Sales professionals can pull out leads from almost any source and turn them into buying customers. The biggest weapon any sales professional has is confidence, and your confidence is bolstered when...

The Relationship Between Politics and Finance

In a free market economy, politics and finance are forever linked. Politicians looking to make an impact on the voting public will often reduce income taxes or offer significant tax breaks for work...

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