Garrett D

Garrett D

Seattle, Washington, United States

Analytical. Creative. Always up for a challenge. Garrett Dennert has produced over 300 blog posts spanning a wide range of topics, some examples of which include the global water crisis, the ecological and economical benefits of cremation, the methods of treating Combat PTSD i...

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Your Money's on the Wrong Fish

You've cleared your schedule. You've secured a sitter. The outfit you splurged on months ago and have yet to wear hangs neatly from the closet rack. Date night is here, and this time it's actual...

Who Killed the Short Story?

A young Ernest Hemingway lunches in Manhattan with several writer friends, either at Luchow's or at The Algonquin. Somehow, some way—whether instigated by Hemingway himself, or as a challenge by on...

Six Storytelling Resources You've Never Used

Think about what the word "resources" means in terms of writing. Go for it. Roll the word around on your tongue. Front, back, side to side, then off entirely. What'd you come up with? Dictiona...

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