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Deborah White is a seasoned content creator in the digital marketing industry. She has invested many resources into learning her craft over the last ten plus years and loves to share her passion. Her goal is to educate and help grow small businesses who may struggle with their content creation and marketing needs. She is the author of the eBook, "18 of the Best Email Marketing Strategies Today!" and is currently creating a new eBook called "Step-by-Step Marketing for Small Businesses." She has also ghost-written many articles and blog posts for a variety of different industries.

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Property Description

661 Estero Blvd. New Construction ~ Almost Completed! This lovely, newly remodeled luxury home simply outshines the rest! There is nothing like Fort Myers Beach island life! In walking distance to some of the most gorgeous, w...

Ad Agency Interview Questions

25 Common Ad Agency Interview Questions Preparing for your ad agency interview can help you show potential employers you are the perfect candidate for their position. Research the employer to gain useful information about the c...

Emojis in Your Marketing: A Fun Time is Had by All! 🎉

Who doesn’t love color and splash 🌊? Stop and think about it. Color catches the eye and brings attention to whatever you’re applying it to; now add different shapes, faces that convey a certain emotion, or symbols. 🥳 Welcome...

7 Steps to Constructing Your Luxury Pool

Constructing an in-ground pool is not only great fun for you and your family but a solid investment strategy as well. An average in-ground pool will add about 5 to 8% value to your home. There’s a lot involved in putting in a p...

Freelancer, Contractor, or Remote Worker?

By Deborah White Which are you? 2020 has been a year that no one is ever going to forget. It has given birth to ingenuity and innovations to, in some cases, keep food on the table. One of those innovations is the striking r...

How do I Change My HTML Site to WordPress?

by Deborah White Here we’ll talk about changing your old static HTML site to WordPress. As with all 101 courses, there’s lots of yummy techie stuff, but I will try to not bore you too much with the fundamentals. Let’s f...

7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

7 Easy Steps To Improve Your Social Media Strategy Every business knows that today, you need a social media marketing strategy. Having a powerful presence is important. Just throwing up something cutesy might get you attention ...

Why Use Hashtags

Before we dig into the question of why use hashtags, let’s dig a smidge deeper and find out where they came from and what they are. Yes, #hashtags were born of Twitter’s loins. The “God-father” of #hashtags was Chris Messi...

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