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I'm a freelance writer who has been working in the field of content creation and digital marketing for more than five years. My favorite topics to write about include technology, marketing, health, fitness and nutrition, though as a professional content provider and ghost writ...

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LifeLock Security Woes Could Affect Affiliates

LifeLock, the online company that purports to protect people from identity theft is back in the news again due to a second round of Federal Trade Commission actions against it. The news is particul...

Documentary Sheds Light on Secretive World of Bulletproof Hosting

"Bulletproof" hosting is a unique service that some consider controversial. It is said to be more secure than traditional hosting, but also gets plenty of heat for contributing to theft of intellec...

Twitter Ramps Up Anti Terrorist Efforts Despite Challenges

Many people have been up in arms in recent months over the fact that terrorists and members of the radical Islamic group ISIS, also known as ISIL, seem to be able to use social media as easily as a...

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