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Brioche and 7 other English words with surprising meanings in Italy

“Ecco le sue brioche” (“here are your brioches”), the baker said, handing me a paper bag with my order.“No, croissants”, I said.“Si, brioche”, he said, nodding.Frustrated because I couldn’t remembe...

Nonfiction books for your summer reading list

If catching up on your reading is something you’d like to do this summer, be very selective with the titles you pick. Chances are you’ll read less than you expect, so make each book count. To simpl...

Preparing for the Inconceivable Risk—Are You Ready for Black Swans?

When rare and extreme events never observed before occur, they have major consequences and sometimes even global impact. World War I, AIDS, 9/11, but also the advent of Internet are all black swans...

How to minimise the cost of editing

Professional editing services do not come cheap. At $30–$60 (freelance editing rates according to EFA) or at least £28 (according to SfEP), an hour of editing costs as much as a ticket from London ...

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I have a background in geology engineering and a keen interest in science, nature, and traveling. Before becoming a professional editor and writer in 2012, I worked as an academic researcher for seven years and earned a PhD in earth sciences from Cardiff University, UK. I like to combine my experience, knowledge, and interests to write about science, health care, environmental, business, project management, and travel topics. I'm familiar with online content best practices, and I deliver well-researched, clear, and concise copy that engages readers.


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