Christopher H

Christopher H

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

I write tech how-tos, reviews and tutorials for a living. I specialize in areas relating to PC gaming and PC hardware, as well as PC repair and diagnostics.

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Writing samples by Christopher H ...

How To Overclock Your GPU (sample)

# Install GPU Overclocking Software Now for the exciting part: choosing an overclocking program! For the sake of simplicity and cross-compatibility, we're going to use MSI Afterburner. However, y...

How to Get Your Android Phone Upgraded to Android Nougat

People wanting to use the latest version of Android right away are likely here looking for a Nougat image file. In this article we'll discuss how to find a Nougat image file or find other ways to a...

Shovel Knight, delayed appreciation and the value of post-launch support

I distinctly remember the launch of Shovel Knight in 2014. Even prior to its launch, Shovel Knight seemed to be quite anticipated: its retro stylings in particular seemed to draw interest. Post-lau...

Ethernet vs WiFi in Gaming: Is There a Real Difference?

A common question in PC gaming is the choice between playing over Ethernet cables (wired) or WiFi (wireless). While there is a simple answer to that question, ultimately a lot of different circumst...

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