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The history of trends in investment banking

Sign in The history of trends in investment banking Christian L. Feb 12·9 min read Without a shadow of a doubt, the profession of investment banking has seen one of the most turbulent evolutions in the history of American indus...

Analyzing Advertisements

Sign in Analyzing Advertisements — Product and Sociological Summaries Christian L. Jan 7·7 min read Advertisements are responsible for comprising up to 30 percent of all consumed material that is included in print magazines, ne...

How Uber Disrupted the Taxi Industry

Sign in How Uber Disrupted The Taxi Industry Christian L. Jan 7·2 min read Uber is a multinational transportation company offering peer-to-peer vehicle sharing services and several others including food delivery and micro-mobil...

Understanding Budgets

Sign in Understanding Budgets Christian L. Jan 4·2 min read In personal and professional finance, a budget is defined as the estimation of expenses and revenue over a specified period of time that is meant to take place in the ...

The Growing Threat of Global Poverty

Sign in The growing threat of global poverty Christian L. Dec 14, 2020·6 min read It has been forecasted that just over 702 million individuals down from the original 2 billion in the year 1990 are considered to be living under...

Classical Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud

Sign in Classical Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud Christian L. Mar 12·3 min read What is the overall purpose/direction behind personality? Heavily emphasizing “the role of unconscious psychological conflicts in shaping behavior a...

Why you should consider Blockchain in your online marketplace

Sign in Why you should consider Blockchain in your online marketplace Christian L. Mar 12·2 min read Intro With the advent of e-commerce primarily introduced by websites eBay and Amazon as early as 1994, the manner in which ind...

How to become a Game Designer

Sign in How to become a Game Designer Christian L. Mar 12·5 min read Intro — what is a game designer? A game designer is a creative individual whose work, falling under the broader scope of video game development, implements va...

Reasons to study Computer Science at University

Sign in Reasons to pursue a Computer Science degree in University Christian L. Mar 13·5 min read Intro Information Technology (IT) is a growing exponential trend whose ramifications have brought about more change to human socie...

Microsoft: Past, Present, and Future

Intro For a significant amount of years prior to the new millennium, the corporate tech giant known as Microsoft dominated the industry of Information Technology; going as far as evolving into the wealthiest company in the w...

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