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Chelsea is a 27-year-old writer based out of South TX with a Bachelor's degree in English writing from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Professionally, she has experience creating and maintaining online content for small- to medium-sized businesses, researching, writing, and editing technical pieces, and editing materials ranging from blogs to video scripts to marketing materials, and more. She is proficient in SEO best practices and has worked closely with many businesses to meet their continually growing needs. Chelsea is an eager writer and editor looking to expand her experience.

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Setting Up the Perfect Nursery for Your New Arrival

# Setting Up the Perfect Nursery for Your New Arrival There are a million [things to do before](https://www.bestlittlebaby.com/blog/prepare-your-young-one-for-his-new-sibling-with-these-tips.html) your little one says hello to...

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

# How to Stay Productive While Working From Home Now, more than ever, figuring out how to work from home is a challenge many people are navigating. We know how difficult it can be to stay productive while working from home. Ho...

Seven Ways to Create a Montessori Home Environment

# 7 Ways to Create a Montessori Home Environment The benefits of Montessori education don't need to stop at your child's school — in fact, extending the principles of Montessori into your home can build consistency for...

Pho'kin Good Pho

It's called Pho, as in fucking, not your faux bowl of Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. When you've had good pho, your belly will whisper to you about it yearly as the weather temps drop outside, and surely anytime your own spikes. ...

FDA Urges a WHO Kratom Ban; AKA Files Suit & Keeps Fighting

It’s no secret that the FDA wants Kratom banned, and they’re back at it, again. This time, the FDA is formulating comments to influence a WHO Kratom ban. Keep reading to learn about the FDA’s continuously shady tactics, what th...

Hedging Usage in Academic Discourse

Hedging is used widely in daily conversation, but in text hedging is used most commonly in academic writing. This paper will aim to describe what exactly academic hedging is and its purpose in academic writing, the di...

Kokedama Tutorial

Hello! As promised, I have finally made another kokedama, and worked up a tutorial for y’all! Planting like this is a really creative and interesting idea, and it comes from Japan. Basically, kokedama is a plant that is planted...

What is Kratom Extract? And is it Safe?

What is Kratom Extract? If you’re here, you probably know what Kratom is. But what is Kratom extract? It’s a product with a lot of buzz, and you can seemingly buy it from any headshop or gas station. Kratom extract is a highly...

Kratom Consumer Protection Act: A Breakthrough in 4 States so far

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act has been passed in four states, and is being considered in several others. But, what is it? And why is it necessary? Kratom, a natural substance made from the leaf of a tree in the coffee fami...

How is Kratom Processed? A Guide to Kratom Production

How is Kratom Processed? A Guide to Kratom Production So, you’re learning about Kratom. You’ve found what it is and what it’s used for, but how is Kratom made? There are quite a few steps in Kratom processing. From growing,...

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