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Carolyn Comeau
Weaverville, North Carolina, United States
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I write and edit content for small and large businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. I've done everything from consulting with college students on their essays (they got in!), to crafting engaging fundraising letters for a major health system that garnered, on average, between 3-5% in additional gifts for a two-year period, as compared to the previous five years. My niches include education, healthcare, art and interior design, and museums (exhibition and educational film script content). I am privileged to be able to enjoy the solitary practice of writing and getting to know the needs of ...

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Anything's Possible, pages 16-17

Journey to a Richer Life, pages 14-15

5 Benefits of Choosing a Baby-Friendly Designated Hospital

Mission Children's Hospital Partnership With Mountain Child Advocacy Center Enhances Care for Babies and Children Who Are Victims of Neglect and Abuse

Labor and Delivery Nurse Continues to Provide Care and Comfort to Mothers During COVID-19

Cherokee Artist's Statement Pieces Raise A Collective Voice

Brother Against Brother

What impact did the Civil War have on people living in the mountains? Between 1861 and 1865, the residents of Buncombe, Madison, and Yancey Counties, as well as East Tennessee's Greene, Cocke, and Washington Counties, experien...

Essential Buildings of the Frontier: The Inn, the Tavern, and the Stock Barn

On July 11, 1791, 200 acres of land was conveyed to Scotsman William Neilson, Sr., from Dutch settler Gaser Dagy, which included the warm springs. Oral tradition holds that Neilson once owned all the land to Paint Rock, and bui...

Roads: The Lifeblood of Building the Frontier

The "East Indian Boundary" was moved west in 1792, opening the Highlands to white settlers. Pioneer families and land speculators flocked to find cheap land and began building their cabins, stock stands, and the many farm build...

The Pain Caused by Painkillers: A Health System's Response to the Regional Opioid Crisis

A Long-Range Approach to a Problem with a Short but Deadly History She could be your neighbor, coworker, or your child's teacher, and suddenly you see her obituary in the newspaper. The cause of death, however, was neither nat...

Restoring Humanity to Healthcare: Addressing Depletion and Burnout in Caregivers

Now more than ever, health care providers work tirelessly in rapidly changing and stressful conditions to care for patients. Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers (caregi...

Little Luxe Schoolhouse

Oil and water. Bulls and red. Stripes and dots. A tiny house bedecked in maximalism. All of these sound like dangerous pairings, but Erin Adams, professor and chair of the Western Carolina University Department of Interior Des...

To The Catalogue Born

It's a type of house that dots all points of the country, a house beloved by architecture buffs and Americana aficionados alike — although never as widely recognizable as, say, brick ranchers or pastel beach cottages. However,...

Colorectal Cancer: Is It Time for You to Get Checked?

Colorectal cancer is the third most frequently diagnosed type of cancer—behind breast and lung cancers respectively. More than 130,000 men and women are projected to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016. March is Colorec...

Compassion in Action

Barbara Roberts' lovely Franklin home is replete with charm, exemplified especially by a cheery sunroom bursting with orchids in various stages of growth. Her domestic environment, however, belies the stress she endured for the...

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