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I'm Carmen, an award-winning writer and communications strategist in Detroit, Michigan. I'm passionate about social impact, parenthood, and business as a force for good, which is why I write about the important work companies and nonprofits are doing to change the world.

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Social Media Ad Copy

Recruitment Copy - Sales Reps

Recruitment Copy - Call for Sales Reps

Life on the Rise

The Show, the Big Three, and the Future of the Automotive Industry

5 Money Tips the Savviest Moms Pass on to Their Daughters

In Celebration of Mom, Our First Advocate

My Daughter Strikes Down My Idols

How Can I Ask My Boss for Flexibility at Work?

4 Reasons Working on the Weekend Isn't Doing You (Or Anyone) Any Favors

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5 Ways to Find Your Work Meaningful - Even if Your Employer Isn't Mission-Based

5 Ways to Integrate Conscious Consumption Into Your Everyday Life

5 Ways to Integrate Conscious Consumption into Your Everyday Life It’s 2020, and we’re the best versions of ourselves. We’re staying hydrated, exercising, connecting in meaningful relationships, buying better, eating healthier,...

Let's Make 2020 the Year of Buying Better

Let’s Make 2020 the Year of Buying Better by Carmen Dahlberg I am swapping out one product at a time, one purchase at a time, slowing my consumption where I can and putting my money where my passion is. The start of the new dec...

Introducing Children to Conscious Living

Introducing Children to Conscious Living The night had dipped into the high forties, so my 13-month-old daughter and I woke well past sunrise, snuggled together in my sleeping bag. Outside of the tent, my husband was packing ou...

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