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I'm a former engineer-turned-freelance writer and fiction author, with experience in copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, and SEO blogging. I've been writing professionally for three years. I've written hundreds of pieces, including guides, landing pages, technical documents, press releases, SEO-based blogs, copy, and more.

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Setting Boundaries at Work

This article covers how to identify and set your work/life boundaries.

How To Write A Query Letter That Bedazzles Literary Agents

So you’ve finished your manuscript for your novel. Congratulations! You’ve probably already uncorked a well-deserved bottle of wine and celebrated the completion of your manuscript. Roughly 97% of books remain unfinished, so...

Narrative Points Of View – Differentiating 1st Person, 2nd Person, 3rd Person Limited, And 3rd Person Omniscient

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of written work hit my inbox. Nowadays, Grammarly Premium does an excellent job at catching spelling and punctuation errors, excessive passive voice, and other shortcomings. Those mistakes are...

Billy Summers – By Stephen King – Noir Crime Thriller Excellence, King Style

A book review of the recent Stephen King novel: Billy Summers.

Cavity Wall (with audio and sound effects)

This is a horror short story I wrote and produced. It was narrated by a well-known horror podcaster. This is a production test for the next anthology I'm releasing via audiobook. I think it turned out nicely.

How to Select Industrial Coatings for Wastewater Collection Systems

Serving a vital function in the local community, wastewater collection systems are designed with underground pipes and maintenance structures used to collect and convey wastewater away from homes and businesses to be treated…

How to Select the Best Lining for Concrete in Wastewater Applications

When it comes to linings for wastewater applications, concrete substrate has always been trickier than its steel cousin. This is largely because there are so many factors to consider—from concrete repair, laitance removal and n...

How to Select Industrial Coatings for Steel Water Tank Exteriors

Corrosion is corrosion, regardless of the industry. Here's how we helped a municipality protect their steel water tanks by following a petroleum industry spec.

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