Ashley B

Ashley B

San Diego, California, United States

I am skilled in writing, editing, and optimizing material in a variety of subjects. My strengths lie in medical and science writing, and I have an MA in Science and Medical Writing from Johns Hopkins University. I work full-time as a senior writer at a medical marketing agency...

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Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles You Can S.I.Y.: Sew It Yourself

**Websites like Pinterest have inspired a "do-it-yourself" attitude among the young, twenty-somethings with a never before seen. D.I.Y. weddings are at the forefront of the movement, so S.I.Y. (sew...

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Effective Interior Design: Making a Small Room Look Bigger

**Living in a smaller space doesn't mean you have to feel like you're living in a small space. Take advantage of these tried and tested design tricks to optimize the space you do have.** Li...

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