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Andrea Crowell is an experienced freelance writer in the Entrepreneurship, Legal, Parenting, Relationships, Religion & Spirituality industries.

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Andrea Crowell
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Andrea is a writer and editor based out of British Columbia, Canada. She loves helping people create great content, and specializing with rewrites and content clean-up. Her goal is to produce work that clearly represents her client's businesses, with a strong focus on maintaining the client’s voice.

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A Word of Busshist Wisdom, Two Sides of the Coin, and ROYGBIV

myspokenheart A word of Buddhist Wisdom, Two Sides of the Coin and ROYGBIV… November 24, 2012 by My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell 16 Comments “We are taught that suffering is one promise that life always keeps. So that whe...

Unconditional Love vs Acting Like a Big Gorilla

myspokenheart Unconditional love vs acting like a big gorilla… May 22, 2013 by My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell 25 Comments In light of my post the other day – Do I sound like that? Really? – I have to say I did good this ...

Need vs Love

Clear Content Editing, proofreading and writing Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. The Dalai Lama (18 Rules for Living – #17) I wish someone had told m...

Sometimes We Just Need To Let Go

Clear Content Editing, proofreading and writing Sometimes We Just Need to Let Go… Sometimes life is complicated… sometimes it feels like life just really sucks… sometimes we make mistakes, we get hurt, or we just get handed a r...

Clear Content Editing - Landing Page

Clear Content Editing, proofreading and writing Clear Content I help you present clear, professional content to your customers. Is your web-site looking outdated? Do you have a blog that you haven’t touched for weeks, maybe eve...

Conversational Writing - Is it appropriate for business?

Clear Content Editing, proofreading and writing Long gone are the days of traditional “business writing”, well sort of. For the most part good old fashioned technical business writing is a thing of the past. I’m not saying all ...

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